Some Tips for an Ideal Presentation

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You want to make your presentation the best in the market competing with top designers? Here are some tips that can help you make a fabulous one. These are guidelines not rules which have to be adhered to while playing with creativity and free flow. Inventing yourself within these limits is the answer to something startling. Let us take a look at them

To use or not to use a Template

When you buy a dress from an ordinary brand, you know that there are 100 others wearing the same print and design in the same city. But when you buy one from a boutique, you know it is a special piece made for a very few. Same is the case with designs. Do you want to use a design which is used by 100 others? Or create a unique one which has only one copy which is with you?

Templates are monotonous and puts off the visual impact of a viewer. Standard Templates are boring and ugly. They accommodate a lot of text, which creates clutter in every slide. They don’t look original and therefore however good other elements are in the page, is discredited.

So DO NOT USE Templates – Use your own design. Even if it is simple, still it is unique and one of a kind. Play with different layouts; try all types of designs that come to your mind. Let your creativity know no bounds. Try various combinations to arrive at what you feel best suits the need of the presentation. Don’t feel stifled by rules and guidelines.

Play with colours

Colours are nice to look at. They make the slides bright and attractive. Play with colours. While it is safe to go with flat colours, the basic colours that are accepted by every eye. Sometimes odd combinations and contrasting colours can also create starling effects. You may choose colours pertaining to the theme, but it is passé to use only conventional ones. Bold, unconventional new ideas may be more appealing. Dare to be different.

Which Fonts to use?

It is best to choose Fonts that are easily readable. Always take into account the last bencher in the class. Since the Font has to be enlarged to a good size, check which one suits your colours and look. Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial are all accepted Fonts and widely used among designers. Every font has a character attached with its style, stay with simple again and make emphatic designs.

How much text content is good for your slide?

Slides with multiple paragraphs of text in a single slide have shown significant decrease in the attention span of the viewer. The text remains unread and message not conveyed in such cases. When you are sharing vital concepts through your talk, alongside your presentation is also sharing concepts through congested texts, how do you think a viewer can balance both? So, the best guideline is – ‘Less is more’ when it comes to text. Choose words carefully that will convey a whole set of thoughts in a concise and effective manner. You have to let your slides breathe. As with every design, you need relief areas to make the other areas stand out. This will also help your audience take note of the visuals and listen to you.

Effective images speak louder than words

Images are delightful to all eyes. Images can speak louder than words. Busy professionals looking through statistics and data through the day, may find it refreshing to look at good, meaningful presentation which speaks through images rather than text. They are successful to gripping viewer’s attention. The message is conveyed stronger and gains better shelf life in the mental space of a viewer.

It is a matter of SIZE

Big is beautiful. Make your few words Big and Bold. You can only afford to do this when there is less text material in your slide. Size magnifies the significance of the word, and succeeds in engaging the viewer quickly. Think of the advertisements, in a short time span of time they convey a lot through intelligent visuals and concise text. You have to design in a similar fashion. Give your presentations fresh ideas and looks, they always manage to work.

Infographics are IN

Infographics are a new style of representing text through pictorial representations. You have to try and reinvent yourself to come out with something new. Think beyond the usual pie charts and bar graphs, rather invent new styles of conveying messages through images. See other presentations and gain inspiration to make bold and fresh designs. With such wide sharing in the internet you can easily search out the best presentations and derive inspiration. But remember your original and unique presentation is the one which can earn highest accolades.

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