Stand out in the crowd with your presentation

To make an awesome presentation that will grab everyone’s attention and effectively convey a message, you may follow some basic guidelines. However feel free to let your creativity flow, unconventional designs always make a statement. These are some basic tips from leading designers whose success rate is phenomenal. There is no harm in learning some tricks of the trade.

You have to make the images do the talking, than the words in your slide. Your design should be extraordinary yet simple. The designer uses this platform to express his perspective, his thought. After grasping about the main idea of the presentation, let it be expressed freely through your vision.  

Do your homework well. Make an outline of the necessary pointers that are expected out of the presentation. Make a rough sketch or layout of what you have in mind. Let the thoughts and ideas keep flowing. Post several such rough ideas will you accomplish in creating your first storyboard. Through addition and elimination will you arrive at the right one. Let the creative juices flow.

When you have lain down your storyboard, read and reread it till it makes perfect sense. What is the objective of your story?  To attract the attention of the viewer, to give him a clear understanding of the concept you are narrating, and have a silent communication with the viewer.

Words create unnecessary clutter. So you have to edit your storyboard till words are less and ideas with impactful images are more. Keep the best of visuals; simple is beautiful; try to pierce few concepts in the mind space of your viewers. You have to let your design speak. Let the stunning visuals take complete charge over the situation.

There has to be semblance and balance between content and visuals. Let there be relief in the slide, don’t fear the unfilled blank or white areas. You can see the black spot best against a white sheet. You have to let the ideas flow yet the slides breathe. Do not over crowd them to make the slide attractive.

When creating many slides, makes sure they work well as a team or can be a single player too. Due to time crunch some slides may be omitted…every slide should thus make complete sense. Keep one single concept in a slide. Let there be hierarchy of thoughts and ideas. Infographics or iconographies are important additions to designing realms. It helps express in a better way than boring charts and pie diagrams.

Animations in your page should be meaningful. Content and design are two elements of a presentation which should be well balanced for it to be a winner. Let these be some helpful guidelines when you start your own presentation. Feel free to consult the open media around you. We learn a lot seeing good examples.

Finally never compromise on your quality for time constraint. To make a good presentation you need to develop a strong storyboard. Let the matter not be rushed upon, be bold enough to think of new and fresh even absurd ideas. Unconventional expressions mostly make a mark in the eyes of a viewer.

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