While developing marketing strategies and presentations for you company you have to keep in mind your target audience. The presentation layouts depend primarily on that. We research about your niche and develop from scratch what should be the ideal presentation and quote a price. It’s personalised according to your specific needs and specifications. We work together to arrive at the best plan. 

We will adapt the different elements of your graphic guideline, but are also able to offer you a new branding if you wish. Regarding the content and depending on the activity of your company, we are able to advise you and offer you the content plan of your presentation as part of a personalized study. We have also developed two typical structures, which will probably give you an idea of your future project.

What is this product ?

Do you need a Packaged presentation or A la carte?

425 $

Standard Package

The basic package that any company need . You can easily and in each circumstance introduce your company.

  • Logo Page
  • What we do
  • Our Team
  • Products (2)
  • References and Clients
  • Conclusion – Contact us

- Draft, Layout proposal

- 7 slides

- Animation of slides

850 $

Enhanced Package

The Enhanced package is your digital brochure. You will use it to introduce your company and products or send it as a PDF to your leads. At each moments, you can adapt it to new leads, add promotions or more efficient examples.  You can also use the templates and few slides to create your product catalogue or documentation.
  • Logo Page
  • What we do
  • Our Team
  • Products (4)
  • Key numbers
  • References and Clients
  • Case study
    • Problems
    • Solution
    • Result
  • Rate card
  • Conclusion – Contact us

- Draft, Layout proposal

- 15 slides

- Animation of slides

85 $

per hour

Starting with a basic 45 usd/page. It will decrease or increase for differents types of works, depending on the processing time. Dont hesitate to contact us for more details.

Why you will use it ?

  • Increase sales
  • Look Professional
  • Leave a document or animation
  • Pre-sales send a document or presentation
  • Manage your sales representative talk
  • Modulable: adapt your speech to each client
  • Evoluating: Evaluate your sales speech and improve

How you will use it




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