At each stage in the life of the company, the presentation of results or objectives is a special moment. Our templates based on links with excel files will help to keep dynamic tables upgradeable from one session to another and modifiable until the last minute.
Our company is able to bring you all the flexibility you want while keeping a high quality graphic presentation.

What is this product ?

Do you need a Packaged presentation or A la carte?

510 $

Standard Package

The basic package that any company need . You can easily and in each circumstance introduce your company.present your results. 

  • Logo Page
  • Introduction
  • Table (4)
  • Graphs (3)
  • Image and big text (3)
  • Texts (5)
  • Conclusion – Contact us

- Draft, Layout proposal

- 18 slides

- Animation of slides

1020 $

Enhanced Results

The Enhanced results package is your digital results presentations. Specially adapted to your annual results. More informations and a special attention to the rythm, that can help your audience be attentive till the end.  You can also use the templates and few slides for each of your specific need during all the year .

  • Logo Page
  • What we do
  • Table (6)
  • Graphs (6)
  • Image and big text (5)
  • Texts (6)
  • Conclusion – Contact us

- Draft, Layout proposal

- 26 slides

- Animation of slides

85 $

per hour

Starting with a basic 45 usd/page. It will decrease or increase for differents types of works, depending on the processing time. Dont hesitate to contact us for more details.

Why you will use it ?

  • Present annual company results.
  • Present results to potential investors
  • Present results to bankers
  • Make short thematic presentations
  • Print to publish 
  • Save as pdf to share

How you will use it




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