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We are professionals in creating incredible presentations. We work with the best known brand owners and have them in our clientele as satisfied, loyal customers. We thought we could extent our knowledge and expertise and help you gain from our experience. There are also some clients who always feel they should know the working of the presentation from the inside to have more involvement and understanding. To give ideas as the presentation is being made to make it be in sync with the talk he is going to deliver alongside. It has basically branched out from such requests. If you need to create a impactful presentation which will compete with professional hands, you better learn it from them.

All our courses can be online or face to face

One to One training

There may be professionals who are already engaged in work. For them special timing can be devised. Also levels of knowledge among practiced professionals may be different; in that case we customise the course to best suit ‘you’. If you have learnt basics, we start giving tutorials for your development after that. After extensive discussion we arrive at a suitable course curriculum for you. We give theoretical classes and help you with hands on projects to implement the learning. We make sure that concepts we have taught are well received by you through assessments and live discussions.

Group Training

We impart group trainings and have various courses. The groups are kept small so that instructor student ration is not more than 1:5. It is still much personalised and helps each of the participating students get to benefit from the course. There are advantages for beginners from group learning, like interaction with peers. In practical classes you are benefitted seeing others work on a same theme with a variety of ideas. It helps you understand other perspectives, and learn to build a variety of ideas. Along with theory classes we have practical classes too. All theory classes are backed by practical’s too; we ensure that your knowledge is sound both ways.


Basic Courses

Essential - Level 1

This course is for the beginners who want to initiate themselves for making fabulous presentations. You may debate, when there is so much online help why you need a guide at all. Yes, it is possible to learn by researching and following online tutorials too. But it will take a long time for you to finish up what you may achieve with professional help. When you are time pressed and need to think of equipping yourself with such skills to embark on a career of graphic designer, it is better you take a professional training. It will also give you immense confidence for future too. We give certifications and recommendations which may help you in your career.

8 Hours - Online or Face to face - Certificate

Advanced Courses *

Essential - Level 2

There are courses for professionals too. There may be many of you making presentations already for aeon years, but failing to make effective ones. May be you know the use of the tools, but do not know ‘how’ they can lay an impact when used differently. In totality when a software is used, you have to know much more than just basic technical usages. An all encompassing purview of designing and technicality makes a good presentation. We teach you to visualise before you generate presentations. Only when clarity comes about ‘what’ you want and ‘why’, you can make a better presentation.

8 Hours - Online or Face to face - Certificate

* All about Animation

Animation - Level 2

To make a presentation more attractive you have to make it dynamic. There are various levels of animations that can be added to your presentation. You will be taught to create your own story board before you create your presentation. You will be taught how to use PPT animations, as well make your own. The speed and choice of animation can make a lot of difference to the message you are giving. What to keep static and what you animate can also make a considerable difference. Learn all about the higher levels of animation building and incorporating your own created gif and png files effortlessly. If you have to startle your viewer with a page, you have to rise above the ordinary and mundane.

8 Hours - Online or Face to face - Certificate

Graphic Rules *

Graphic - Level 1

There are unsaid graphic rules which change according to the need and target audience of the presentation. If you are making an e-tutorial for a school curriculum, the look and feel will be widely different from a corporate presentation. Although you use the same tools in the software, your ideating and graphic skills make an ocean of difference. Much has to be learnt through experience yet some basic concepts can be delivered to you through simple modules. We bring about a change in your orientation and outlook for making a wholesome presentation. We try to analyse your plus points and strengthen you with those. We also help you discover your weaknesses and build upon those.

8 Hours - Online or Face to face - Certificate

* Presentation Rules which are effective

Communication - Level 1

There are basic guidelines which all professionals follow. Keeping visualisation and creativity apart there should be some general practices which are sure shot answers to good presentations. For example one such may be – lack of clutter in the page either through words or overstuffing of images. Sometimes we make a mistake thinking that plentiful pictures can amuse a viewer, well it usually causes confusion and communication becomes meaningless. What value do you have for beautiful presentations which are not effective enough to transfer your message across? Instead, one perfect image, which speaks louder than words, can do a brilliant job. Many such anecdotes which lie in the hands of experiencesd professionals would be shared with you.

8 Hours - Online or Face to face - Certificate

What is this product ?

Do you need a level one or Level 2 training?


Level 1

The Level one package that any member of your team need . These trainings are aimed at people with little or no knowledge of Powerpoint.

not including transportation, if any


Level 2

The level 2 trainings are more specialized.  These trainings are aimed at people who already have a serious background in powerpoint and want to gain more knowledge, in design or in communication.

not including transportation, if any

105 $

per hour /group

Starting with a basic 60 usd/hour. It will decrease or increase for differents projects depending on difficulty (of preparation) and volume of training. Dont hesitate to contact us for more details or for a custom training offer .

not including transportation, if any

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